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Spray Tan Preparation and After Care
Preparing for your Spray Tan
In order for your sunless solution to achieve maximum results, you must follow a few simple steps in preparation for your spray tan.
  • Exfoliate the entire body before your appointment, paying extra attention to the knees, under the arms, ankles, tops of the feet, elbows and neck area.  An exfoliation glove is ideal along with a clear oil free body wash. Both can be purchased at your local Walmart.  Using a loofa leaves a greater chance of missing areas being exfoliated.
  • No deodorant
  • No perfume or oils
  • No body sprays
  • No moisturizers
  • No make-up
  • No jewelry
  • No bra if possible
  • No shoes, loose sandals are perferred
  • No contact with water for at least six (6) hours
  • No physical activity that can lead to sweating
Wearing loose dark clothing after your spray tan is highly recommended.
If the above guidelines are not adhered to All About U Massage cannot be held responsible for any unwanted outcome
Spray Tan Care
Once a period of 6-8 hours has passed you may shower using a body wash and no scrubbing.
It is important not to have the shower too hot orbe exposed to water for an excessive amount of time.  Dab your body dry and moisturize twice a day when possible. This will stop the tan from breaking up on the skin.
At anytime you are uncertain about any of the above information please contact All About U Massage at (225) 448-2783 for further assistance.
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